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Roofing, construction, repair work of any complexity

August 29, 2019

Do you need to build a house, an industrial workshop or help with wiring? Then feel free to contact us. We always responsibly approach the fulfillment of tasks and guarantee their high-quality result. We carry out:

We follow the latest innovations in the construction business and regularly improve the skills of our employees. Our experts are professionals with many years of experience in the field of construction and repair.

Architectural design of buildings and structures

August 29, 2019

The main emphasis is usually placed on which particular building requires architectural design. Various options are possible here:

A residential project is created for any home, whether it be a multi-story building or a private cottage. Public buildings include administrative buildings, train stations, cultural centers and others. Also today, architectural design of catering and trade buildings – restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets – is extremely widespread. And in industry, workshops, warehouses, hangars and various specific structures are in demand.

Documentary project support

August 29, 2019

The documentation system that is created during the implementation of the investment and construction project is complex and specific. Its volume can be measured in tons of paper.

At the same time, the project risks associated with the absence of a document can lead to significant financial losses, as well as a delay in the delivery of the facility for months or even years.

Our company provides document support services for the project at all stages of its implementation:

legal support for the design and construction of the facility;
preparation, execution and audit of initial permits;
design support and approval of design documentation;
preparation and execution of building permits and commissioning of the facility;
coordination of reconstruction and modernization;
legalization of unauthorized buildings in court.

Thanks to our experience and established relationships in the process of documentary support of construction, you will achieve significant savings in time and money.

As a result, you will receive documentation that successfully passed the necessary approvals and significantly reduce the time frame for the implementation of the construction project.

Conducting public procurement for entrepreneurs and companies

August 29, 2019

It is not enough for companies to simply collect papers to participate in procurement. The law on public procurement requires you to draw up documents for participation in accordance with the established rules. To participate in a tender or auction, the interested company needs to prepare a whole package of documents for participation in the tender, which will not only tell the customer about the supplier, but also confirm the supplier’s compliance with the procurement requirements. Documents for the tender, a sample of which can be found in open sources, are always prepared regardless of the method of procurement. True, the requirements for them may vary. But in any case, the package of documents for the tender formed by the supplier should convince the customer that the offered goods, work or service fully meets his requirements. And it is not enough just to collect the necessary papers – their design is also important in accordance with the established rules!

Technical inspection of buildings and structures

August 29, 2019

Our company provides technical consulting in the field of construction and real estate, providing its customers with qualified conclusions and conclusions on objects and processes of interest.

The purpose of consulting in construction is to assist builders, investors and customers in choosing the most effective technical and financial solutions and technologies, optimal materials, and guaranteeing compliance of the work performed with technology, norms and rules.

Consulting in the field of real estate is carried out with the aim of making the most informed decisions by the customer in investments and real estate transactions.

Consulting services provided by our company in both areas help our customers make the right strategic decisions and plans based on the actual situation at all stages of project implementation.

Having received competent advice from us, you will reduce the time and financial costs, you will know the actual cost of the implementation of the planned project.

Software, technical support and integration services

August 29, 2019

Our company has been working in the information technology industry for over 10 years.
Below is a list of the main projects entrusted to us by our customers.


Implementation of the electrical system and associated electrical panels for the CoastalQuatar galvanized steel plant.
Implementation of the electrical system and associated electrical panels for Galvacoat, industrial plating.
Implementation of the electrical system and associated electrical panels for Carbon Lite, a plastic processing plant.
Implementation of the electrical system and related electrical panels for CPC, an industrial galvanizing plant.
Implementation of the electrical system and related electrical panels for OCT, industrial galvanic plant.
Implementation of the electrical system and associated electrical panels for the METALCOAT factory, industrial galvanizing.


Development and management of hardware and software solutions using RFID technology to control presence, control access to laboratories and special devices.


Development of a new online platform. In particular, the integration of black boxes issued by British, German and Italian companies to track and profile policy holders using GPS / 3G telemetry.


PLC programming for pumping stations, distribution panel and synoptic control panel.
Design and development of special hand-held devices for managing patient identification in a hospital environment using Barcode + RFID technology. Including industrial products and ISO certificates.
Designed and developed an application server and a real-time data collection and processing unit for managing production lines on the Bus485 in the textile packaging industry.


Configure and manage data lines and remote terminals. Installation and maintenance of LAN networks with Windows operating systems and MsOffice software.
Design, installation and configuration of all components.
Activation of network services, such as viewing mail and the Internet through appropriate routers and proxy firewalls.
Creation of an identification system based on military characteristics using a smart card reader installed on 2000 personal computers of the Italian Navy.
Implementation of the Basic-Hemotransfusionsafetys system, consisting of a portable RFID device with a fingerprint sensor and BlueTooth wireless devices to physically block blood packets.


Analysis of data at the studenthouse Datawarehouse and the implementation of RFID technology in the university library system. Protocol management software developed.
An application server has been developed associated with the main Italian hospital management systems for managing patient identification.
Appropriate APPs for PDAs and Android tablets from Zebra Inc. have also been developed.

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